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Secondary neuro-meningeal involvement in a neuroblastoma. Notice the diffuse spread causing intracranial hypertension and rapid fatal outcome.

Low power of a bone marrow biopsy with disseminated neuroblastoma.

Diffuse bone marrow metastasis of a neuroblastoma completely replacing the resident medullary population of hematopoietic cells.

Another example of extensive bone marrow metastases, with focal persistence of the normal hematopoietic cells.

Fine Needle Aspirate from metastatic neuroblastoma in the bone marrow, showing a monomorphic population of small cells intermingled with masses of neuropile.

Bone marrow imprint of a metastatic tumor. showing a neuroblastic rosette.

Involved lymph node attached to the a primary tumor. In order to avoid over staging, it is recommended not to remove nodal structures adhering to the primary tumor but to make a section including both.

Testicular metastasis of a neuroblastic tumor, infiltrating the interstitium and sparing a few seminiferous tubules.

Metastatic nodular formation in the lung is extremely rare in pNT patients. In this particular case, metastatic tumor shows ganglioneuromatous maturation.

Metastatic Neuroblastoma

Patterns of metastatic neuroblastoma in the bone marrow and other organs

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