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Mass screening also detects pNTs with a potential of maturation. Tumor from a patient initially diagnosed as having neuroblastoma through mass screening at 8 months of age, was clinically observed (“watching” without intervention) with repeated MRI tests and urinary catecholamine determinations, and eventually excised at 2 years and 3 months of age. Histology of the tumor shows a typical feature of ganglioneuroblastoma, intermixed, suggesting a process of tumor maturation in its natural history during a course of clinical observation.

Neuroblastoma detected through mass screening. Mass screening often detects pNT cases with a potential of involution/regression. Note a process of remarkable regression (extensive dropping off of neuroblastic cells) of the neuroblastic cells in this case.

Regression / Maturation Changes

Regression and maturation changes, as seen in tumors detected through mass screening programs.

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