Farber-Landing Lecture

Sidney Farber

Benjamin Landing

Inaugurated in 1980 as the Sidney Farber Lecture, and renamed in 2002 as the Farber-Landing Lecture, this lecture is a tribute to two of the Society for Pediatric Pathology’s Founders, and is a highlight of the annual meeting. The lecture honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the understanding of diseases of children and pediatric pathology, or to child health advocacy. The Farber-Landing Lecturer is chosen by the Society’s president, in consultation with the Executive Committee, and is approved by the Executive Committee and Education Committee chairperson. Lecture topics are not necessarily scientific, but may also address historical perspectives, ethical, societal or political issues, and systems-based practice. The lecture is intended to help attendees relate aspects of their practice to the broader contexts of recent advances in medical sciences or to child health within their respective communities and the world at large.

A list of previous lectures follows:

Year Name Title
Sidney Farber Lectures
1980 Dr. Robert J. Lukes Functional Approach to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Related Leukemia
1981 Dr. Josef Warkany Prevention of Congenital Malformations
1982 Dr. Jay Bernstein Developmental Pathology of the Kidney
1983 Dr. Robert W. Miller The Origins of Cancer in Childhood or Before
1984 Dr. Benjamin Landing Tubulo-interstitial and Medullary Cystic Diseases of Children- Current Concepts
1985 Dr. Robert P. Bolande Creative Ideation and Inquiry in Developmental Pathology
1986 Dr. Charles R. Scriver Genetic syndromes (Title lost to the ravages of history)
1987 John M. Opitz The Future of Developmental Pathology
1988 Dr. Fred Rosen The Pathogenesis of Angioedema
1989 Kurt Benirschke, MD Biology of Twinning.
1990 Harvey S Rosenberg, MD Pediatric Pathology in the Time of AIDS.
1991 Louise C Strong, PhD Genetics in Childhood Cancer: Windows along the Carcinogenic Pathway.
1992 Jorge Yunis, MD Genes and Chromosomes in Medicine.
1993 Charles J Scher, MD Growth Factor Regulated Cell Cycle Progression.
1994 Daniel Callahan Health Care Rationing and the Goals of Medicine.
1995 Dagmar Kalousek, MD The Fetus and its Placenta: Do they talk to Each other.
1996 Lynne Reid, MD Building a Lung: Frontiers on the Information Highway.
1997 Lucy B. Rorke, MD Virchow’s Great, Great Granddaughter.
1998 David Hardwick, MD Directing and Managing In A Professional System
1999 Bruce Beckwith, MD Life in the Gray Zone: Dealing with Uncertainty in Diagnostic Pathology.
2000 Frank Gonzalez-Crussi, MD Idle Thoughts on Human Generation
2001 Louis P. Dehner, MD Some Reflections on Solid Tumors in Children
Farber – Landing Lectures
2002 Ronald O. C. Kuschula, MD Paediatric Pathology in Africa: Current and Future Potentials
2003 Milton Finegold, MD To the future and back: molecules and microscopy
2004 Dr. Brian O'Connell The socioeconomic aspect of AIDS in children in Africa
2005 Dr. Jem Berry Paediatric Pathology in the Public Eye
2006 James Dimmick M.D. Pediatric Liver Pathology-A Perspective
2007 Henry Krous, M.D. SIDS and SUDC: A Personal Odyssey
2008 Claire Langston. M.D. Pediatric Pulmonary Pathology - How I Learned to Love the Lung
2009 Richard van Praagh, M.D. Pediatric Pathology: The Clinician’s Open Sesame