Welcome to PEDPATH, an automated listprocessor to encourage rapid, informal communication among those with careers in the anatomic and laboratory aspects of embryo, fetal, infant and childhood diseases. The tone of the list has developed so that you may send a message to the list with inquiries that you might make of your colleagues down the hall. This is not a verbose group, but participants do have answers.

Instructions for Pediatric Pathology List Server (August 2003):
The pediatric pathology list server software was changed in July 2003
 (1) to allow users more control over their account,
 (2) to provide increased security to the list,
 (3) automate many functions.
If you are subscribed, you do not have to resubscribe, but you will have to obtain your password in order to edit your profile and access the archives. Note that the Listserve and its username and password are not related in anyway to the SPP membership database in MemberMax. The posting address has not changed and is still pedpath@u.washington.edu

To obtain your password you must first be subscribed. If you are subscribed proceed with the instructions below. If not, go to the instructions to subscribe that are further down on this page.

1) point your browser to https://mailman2.u.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/pedpath
2) go to the bottom of the page and insert your subscribed e-mail address into the blank: unsubscribe or edit. Click on the button.
3) Go to the bottom of the new page under password reminder and click : remind.
4) An e-mail will come to you with your password.
5) Return to the above page (backing up or new addressing).
6) Log in with your e-mail address and password
7) This page allows you to change your address, update passwords, and change your options. Instructions are there.
A feature to help us avoid junkmail is that you will need to confirm your password and then a list moderator will need to accept your subscription. This may take a few days.

Subscribe to the list by going to https://mailman2.u.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/pedpath
The instructions are there and will require anywhere from a few minutes to several days for the subscription to be activated after the integrity of the e-mail account is checked and the subscription reviewed. There are however, instructions for the list not posted. These include the following:
1. If you are replying to the entire list make sure you REPLY TO ALL. Be very careful when you wish to have a private reply not to send to the entire list. A mistake here may be profoundly embarassing.
2. Sign your message so that all know who has sent it.
3. If you keep the appropriate title and respond in a timely fashion it is not necessary to copy the original message.
4. Courtesies while welcomed by all, probably are not welcomed to go to the entire list.
5. Keep in mind this functions as a bulletin board in your hospital's hallway and while restrictions to the subscriptions and the archives are in place, you should consider that they are available to the general public. We have had not only non-physician subscribers but those who represent the media as subscribers. Most users prefer to have the information posted restricted to professional content. The list moderator receives feedback about unprofessional postings, some acrimonious, that are usuallly not shared with the person posting the message.
6. You have the ability as a subscriber to select NO MAIL when you are on vacation so your mailbox does not fill. If your e-mail account consistently rejects messages, there is an automated procedure for deleting your subscription and you will have to re-subscribe or reject your e-mail.
7. Pictures are tolerated but should be set to 72 dpi and approximately 5x7. This should allow you to post 3 or 4 pictures of a case without exceeding the posting limits. When posting pictures include in the text of your message, how many pictures you are sending. This helps the recipients to safely deal with the attachments .Other than acknowledged pictures, attachments are discouraged to prevent the spread of viruses.
8. While many members of the various pediatric pathology professional societies are subscribers, the list served does not include all members of any particular professional society.