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Raj Kapur  
SPP President  

President's Message

"The Spring Meeting in San Diego was a great success. Despite some rainy weather, we enjoyed another worthwhile gathering for intellectual and social discourse. Highlights included a near-record number of abstract submissions, from which an exceptional set of platform and poster presentations emerged."

(last updated 3-15-2014)

Christina Pacheco  
Committee Chair  

Practice Committee Update

"One of the Practice Committee’s current pursuits is understanding physician effort involved in pediatric and perinatal autopsies. In conjunction with the Perinatal Group, we wrote an Editorial, recently published in Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, discussing the unique complexities and challenges of perinatal autopsy."

(last update 4-18-2014)

Charles Timmons  
SPP Secretary-  

Report from the Pathology Workforce Summit

"On December 3, 2013, representatives from twenty pathology societies met in Washington, DC, for a day-long Pathology Workforce Summit sponsored by the ASCP, the CAP, the USCAP and the Association of Pathology Chairs (APC). The Society for Pediatric Pathology was among the participants, represented by Charles Timmons, Secretary-Treasurer."

(last updated 4-13-2014)

Fusun Gundogan  
Distinction and Awards  
Committee Chair  

Report from the Distinctions and Awards Committee

"Sixty-seven abstracts were presented at the PPS and SPP 4th Joint Meeting in Birmingham, UK. SPP members contributed 69% of these presentations. Fifteeen were presented by a trainee and were eligible for the Gordon F. Vawter Pathologist-in-Training Award. Six abstracts were determined to be eligible for Harry Neustein Award and 15 were qualified for the Perinatal Award."

(last updated 9-16-2014)

Jason Jarzembowski  
Research Committee  

Research Committee Update, 3/2014

"The Research Committee reviewed 116 abstracts for the recent spring meeting in San Diego. Reviewers and attendees alike appreciated and learned from the high quality of research being performed by Society members."

(last updated 3-19-2014)

Sara O. Vargas  

Minutes from the 2012 Annual Business Meeting

(last updated 2-6-2013)

Lisa Teot  
Committee Chair  

Society for Pediatric Pathology Education Committee News

"The 2012 SPP Spring Meeting received very good to excellent evaluations in the categories of overall meeting, symposium (overall and individual speakers), platform sessions, poster discussions, workshops and Farber-Landing lecture. "

(last updated 1-11-2013)