COVID-19 Symposium

COVID-19: A New Viral Pathogen - Pathologic Approach and Findings

This symposium will provide the practicing pediatric pathologist with a basic understanding of COVID-19 as it relates to pathology.  The autopsy and testing protocols as they pertain to COVID-19 will be addressed as well as the pathologic features seen in the lungs, placenta, skin, and the nervous system of these patients.  Additionally, a description of the multisystem inflammatory disorder affecting children will be provided.  The discussion will focus on practical knowledge around the disease and its multifaceted effects on patients.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to...

  1. List pathologic findings associated with COVID-19 in the lung, nervous system, skin, and placenta.
  2. Describe the manifestations of COVID-19 associated multisystem inflammatory syndrome in pediatric patients.
  3. Describe the special features of autopsy in COVID-19 patients as it relates to performing the autopsy and special collections taken at autopsy.