Invitation to Register for Perinatal Course

SPP 2021 Virtual Perinatal Pathology Course
– Invitation from Dr. Linda Ernst to Register NOW!

ernst-head-shot-2017-(002).jpgDear Colleagues,
After many months of cancellation, preparations, and re-working of the course, the SPP 2021 Virtual Perinatal Pathology Course is open for registration and I invite you to join us this year for a schedule packed with education and fun!
Of course, the entire meeting this year will be virtual on Zoom and thus is spread out over 4 days (one more day than usual), in hopes of easing zoom fatigue. Furthermore, all available lectures will be recorded (with speaker permission) and be available to registrants to view even if you cannot attend the live session at a particular time. This may be a great asset to those interested in attending from international locations!
In addition to the great line up of faculty lecturers including many powerhouse Pathologists of Perinatal Pathology, there will be some more interactive sessions with panelists and guest speakers, as well. See the full schedule at Perinatal Pathology Course and Schedule of Events on the SPP website.
I would like to highlight a few events:
  1. Friday night - Guest speaker - Dr Don Singer - will be giving a lecture on the history of Perinatal Pathology on Friday night followed by a virtual game night/happy hour. Dr Singer was one of the first Pediatric/perinatal pathologists I ever met and his participation in the course is especially meaningful to me and many who have known him over the years!
  2. Saturday night – Guest Speaker – Alexis Carena - from the National Accreta Foundation will be giving a talk about Accreta spectrum disorders from the patient perspective. This talk is not to be missed! 
  3. Sunday at the end of the course we will have an informal and interactive discussion of perinatal cases and controversies, facilitated by Dr. Terry Morgan, Dr. Amy McKenney, and myself. It should be informative and interesting!
I hope you will be able to join us for the SPP 2021 Perinatal Pathology Course! Thank you for continued support of the SPP. The Society is nothing without its membership, and I hope you take advantage of this unique educational opportunity. 
Best regards,
Linda M. Ernst

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