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Neuroblastoma (Schwannian stroma-poor), poorly differentiated subtype with calcification which appears as dense basophilic material. The number and size of the calcifications vary greatly from case to case.

Neuroblastoma (Schwannian stroma-poor) poorly differentiated subtype with calcification accompanied by foreign-body reaction. Note: Those giant cells of histiocyte-macrophage lineage are different from tumor multi-nucleated giant cells.

Neuroblastoma (Schwannian stroma-poor), differentiating subtype with the presence of the cells containing melanin pigment. Melanin pigment can be found in a few pNT cases without any diagnostic or prognostic significance.

Multi-nucleated neuroblasts without pleomorphism are interspersed with mono-nucleated neuroblasts.

Atypical mitotic figure.

Common Histologic Features of NB

Some of the histologic features encountered during light microscopic examination of neuroblastoma are listed here.

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