Society for Pediatric Pathology

In Memory of Our Departed SPP Members

Dr. Bob Kirschner

A message from
Henry Krous, President, SPP
(Sent on Monday, 16 September 2002)

Dear Members,

It is again with sadness that I am informing you that Dr. Bob Kirschner died at age 61 Sunday afternoon after a five year battle with renal carcinoma. He is survived by his wife, Barbara, and his three sons, Joshua, Daniel, and Benjamin.

Messages of condolences can be sent to his family at 6822 South Euclid, Chicago, IL 60649.

As many of you will remember, Bob cared greatly about our society, presented workshops about pediatric forensic pathology, and was a stalwart for human rights around the world as well as high standards for physician practice and medicolegal testimony. He had been a member of the Pathology Department at the University of Chicago and served in the Cook County Coroner's Office for many years. He was also a consulting pathologist for Amnesty International.

On a personal note, he was a close and admired friend and colleague, and will be greatly missed.


Some travel as giants in public places
Some travel as giants in everyday spaces
And when they must go
Their footprints we show
In our hearts as indelible traces.
-- respectfully, Theonia Boyd

Dear Dr. Krous.....

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for advising us of Dr. Kirchner's death. He has been the champion of so many children who were subjected to abuse from caregivers.....and particularly "Shaken Baby Syndrome."

It comes as a great shock to me as we spoke about him so fondly at this year's National Conference for SBS hoping for his recovery.....! We missed him there....!

I have posted to the National SBS Listserve about his passing.....tears will flow tonight....and angel tears will envelope his family.....

Pamela S. Rowse, RN