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August 7, 2016

President's Newsletter to the Society for Pediatric Pathology, Mid-Summer 2016

SPP President’s Newsletter, Mid-Summer 2016

August 8th 2016

Dear Colleagues,

As promised here are some key updates on our Society’s progress since May 2016.

  • 2016 Fall SPP Meeting: Thanks to tremendous efforts by our colleague Karen Thompson and great assistance from Cristina Pacheco, Chair SPP Education Committee, and SPP Kellen, all is in line for this meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, October 6-9, 2016. The venue will be spectacular with great opportunities to enjoy the idyllic setting and culture, including an optional tour and luau day on October 5th, but these will only serve to complement an outstanding program that includes lectures by world experts. The main Symposium on pediatric tropical medicine including infectious diseases, the COG Update Lecture on rhabdomyosarcoma by the 2015 Lotte Strauss Award winner, Erin Rudzinski from Seattle Children’s, and the 2016 Lotte Strauss Award Lecture on pediatric cystic nephromas by Mariana Cajaiba, from Lurie Children's in Chicago, will anchor a host of 39 high grade platform and poster presentations. Sunday morning’s Perinatal Symposium will address complex aspects of maternal obesity on fetoplacental development and placental function. The printed program will include all of the necessary information on titles, times, and speakers for all presentations, and a total of 14 h of CME credit is available. Attention procrastinators: reduced Meeting registration rates expire on WEDNESDAY August 10th! The meeting reduced hotel rates expire on TUESDAY, September 6th! If you haven't already, click here to register.
  • SPP Bylaws changes: Cheryl Coffin has drafted, with legal consultation, the Bylaws Committee, and the Executive Committee, a new set of Bylaws, which is in the final stages of legal review. When this final review is completed, the documents will be circulated to Council in advance of the 2016 Fall Meeting for discussion and voting at Council, in Honolulu. To remind members, these changes were necessary to meet the current legal requirements for a nonprofit 501c(3) organization and were brought to the Society's attention by our association management company. After Council review and passage, the revised Bylaws will be provided to the SPP Membership for review and vote for approval. We would like to complete this process before or during the Spring 2017 meeting.
  • SPP Committee restructuring: As presented to Council in Seattle and briefly discussed at the Business meeting, under the new Governance and Bylaws, some Committees will be merged and the functions of others taken up by the SPP Administration. Study of Committee merges, blending of current members’ roles, and staggered term cessations is in progress. Chairs whose Committees are envisioned to be affected are being contacted. The creation of a new and more functional Policies and Procedure Manual is in progress and will help define the duties of these remodeled Committees and SPP Administration. These changes will occur in a transition over the next two years, and should begin with this fall’s appointments to Committees by the President-Elect. In order to allow for a transitional year for newly assigned Committee members and enable more continuity of Committee function, Committees terms will be lengthened to four (4) years. Overall, this will result in a smaller number, but more effective and focused work of Committees, and reduce member burden. In addition a new Committee for Professional Development will be set up to address the needs of fellows and junior and rising members, including networking, MOC, and preparation for professional opportunities.
  • CME platform: We are exploring the programs of a new company to bridge the remaining gaps in our final aspects of transition from USCAP to SPP Kellen management concerning CME evaluation and processing of credit hours and SAMs credits. The new company looks very promising and affordable, including providing expanded services including capacity to track CME credits and data from evaluations for utilization for ACCME accreditation and education needs assessments. The new system should be online for the Spring 2017 Meeting.
  • PDP Editor-in-Chief (EIC) Search Committee (SC) Activities: SC membership consists of nine (9) voting members (the Chair, Sharie Geaghan; Raj Kapur, Phil Cox, Chandra Krishnan, Rita Alaggio, Michael Arnold, Bev Rogers, Fusun Gundogan, and Ona Faye-Petersen) and one non-voting member (current EIC, Miguel Reyes-Múgica.) The call for applications for EIC, for PDP was issued on April 26, 2016 with an original closure date of May 31, 2016, but the closure date was extended to June 10, 2016 in order to address some unanticipated limitations of distribution of the announcement to PPS members. The review process resulted in selection of six (6) finalists who will simultaneously be sent an identical set of questions and for which they will be given the same deadline by which to return their written answers. After these responses have been received and reviewed, each finalist will be interviewed via a teleconference call quorum of at least five (5) SC members. The questions have been prepared and will be sent out/or have been sent out by the time this letter is posted to the Membership. Some SC members have appropriately submitted recusals; this means these SC members will be able to see the responses and listen to the interviews, but not make any comments to or about the candidate, or vote on that candidate. Due to the number of high quality candidates and the care with which the SC will proceed, the process of selection of the new EIC should be completed by mid-September, with an overlap start date of early October, 2016, with the current EIC.
  • Transition to from AllenPress to new Publisher SAGE: This remains on target with full transition to be completed on January 01, 2017.
  • Strategic Objective 4 concerning leverage the management model to facilitate execution of initiatives while maximizing volunteer efficiency and effectiveness. Miguel Reyes-Mugica was appointed the new co- leader of Obj 4 (President-Elect is Chair of Strategic Planning) and together with the co-leader SPP Executive Director (and her team) and the Obj 4 SPP Members Cristina Pacheco and SPP President, he has continued to make progress on the transition for CME, Fall and Spring Meeting planning, and other programs. However, the additional need to generate a Policies and Procedure Manual over the next one to two (1-2) years (to accommodate the changes in Committee number and structure and committee duties, etc), was too great for one individual. Therefore, since, I as the current SPP President have had both prior activity in Obj 4 with CME and experience in writing manuals and the creation of the Committee Charters, in June, 2016 I became the secondary co-leader for Objective 4 in order to accomplish this task by 2018.
  • Meeting photographs: On June 9th, 2016 Members were notified to upload images from the Spring 2016 Seattle Meeting to the Yogile Easy photo sharing” system online. Photos could be uploaded from the SPP homepage, by logging in and following the steps as outlined in the Yogile FAQ, or by e-mailing images to the site at putting the caption as the subject of the e-mail for each photo and the name of the submitting SPP member. Very soon, members will be asked for feedback for selection of the photos for the SPP Website from Shamlal Mangray (Chair Member ship Committee) and Chandra Krishnan (Chair Website Committee.)
  • Committee Memberships for Current Fellows in Pediatric Pathology: All current fellows were assigned to SPP Committees in June 2016, by the SPP President.
  • Spring Meeting in 2017 in San Antonio, TX: All is proceeding on schedule. Registration for the Spring Meeting and call for Abstracts will be issued after the Fall Meeting. New Workshops (WSs) will be “Challenges in Pediatric Soft Tissue Pathology: A Case-Based Approach to Selected Difficult Cases” and “Pediatric Gastrointestinal Biopsy: An Update on the Diagnosis and Pathogenesis of Pediatric Upper Gastrointestinal Disease”
  • New Workshop (WS) Proposals needed: The SPP Education Committee is soliciting WS proposals, for 2018 and 2019, and main Symposium topics, for the 2019 Spring Meeting. The proposal Template in on the website for those wishing to submit a WS. Contact Cristina Pacheco, SPP Education Committee Chair, for more information. (
  • Fall Meeting 2017: Denver is committed to hosting this meeting and dates will be issued when the venue is fully determined. Tentatively, Clinical Pathology Symposium entitled, “Personalized Medicine in the Clinical Pathology Laboratory” and Pediatric Pathology Symposium, entitles “Down Syndrome in the Twenty-First Century,” are planned.

Thanks for all the work of the all involved in moving us forward. I will send out a very brief update before the Fall Meeting in Honolulu.

Have a nice remainder of the summer. Where I am, it will still be summer in October…

Best wishes,

Ona M. Faye-Petersen, MD
President, Society for Pediatric Pathology

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