Volume 19 - 1996

Volume Editors: Beverly B.Dahms and Steve Qualman



Founders of Pediatric Pathology
Dorothy H Andersen: Margaret Collins

Foreword: Gene Perrin

  • Some thoughts on Child Abuse
    Frank Gonzalez-Crussi
  • Forensic aspects of the placenta
    Cynthia G. Kaplan
  • Unexpected untoward outcome of gestation
    Don B. Singer
  • SIDS - The Medical Examiner's Viewpoint:
    William Q. Sturner
  • A pediatric forensic medicine program:
    Mandy CH, Nichols GR II, Buchino JJ
  • Pediatric Toxicology
    Richard Y Wang and Ronald Shaw
  • The post-autopsy conference with parents
    Marie Valdes-Dapena and Dale Huff
  • Duties of an expert witness
    Marg Norman and A. Wilkinson
  • Cardiac causes of sudden unexpected natural death in childhood
    Glenn Taylor