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March 12-14, 2021
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April 8-11, 2021
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October 5-10, 2021, Portland, Oregon, USA
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Dr. David Parham, Editor-in-Chief
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Editor's Note

November 1, 2020

My computer screen just went blank after a most satisfying Virtual Fall SPP Meeting, and SPP history has been made!  The meeting was quite successful from all aspects – financial, attendance, scientific content, and camaraderie.  It was ably abetted by President Gino Somers and Administrator Jordan Burghardt, as well as a very able Steering Committee that included Linda Ernst, Debra Heller, Chandra Krishnan, Cristina Pacheco, Charles Timmons, Jason Jarzembowski, Sanda Alexandrescu, Jeff Terry, Emily Burch, Jordan Burghardt, Patricia Ferchland-Bingham and Rebecca Pierucci.  Thanks to the miracle of virtual computing, we had record attendance for a fall meeting – 234 attendees.  Thank you all for a job well done!

It took me a little time to master some of the nuances in logging on, but eventually it became a snap.  Navigating the posters gave me problems, as it seemed that I had to start at the beginning after reading each one, and I read them all (okay, maybe I skipped a couple!).  Also, I found that I couldn’t mark the ones I finished, which would be an enhancement to consider for next year’s meeting.  On the other hand, pulling up specific topics was a simple task, thanks to links contained in each poster.  For example, I could easily access all posters concerning soft tissue.
A few things seemed to enhance the presentations, compared with real meetings.  For one, a lively chat or encouragement often ensued after a particular point was made.  Secondly, I could actually read the questions, which are sometimes difficult to hear or follow in person, particularly when the microphone is not used!  On the other hand, there were abrupt sometimes annoying transitions of the speaker screens on the first day, particularly for five-minute warnings, but that got better on the second.  I guess we were learning as we went along.
As with our President Gino Somers, I was impressed by the beautiful histological and EM images of many of the presentations, particularly during the COVID talks and the perinatal session.  These were international affairs, with speakers from Asia and Europe.  One speaker from India arose at 2:00 AM to give her case presentation, but she received a round of huzzahs from the participants.  Finally, our administrator Jordan Burghardt made a big success as the moderator of the Perinatal Case Presentation session.  Huzzah also to Jordan!  Not easily to navigate those Greek and Latin roots attached to medical lingo!
As with all of you, I look forward to seeing you again, but in the interim we can give ourselves a big pat on the back, both organizers and participants, and I anticipate we will see similar venues.
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