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Committee Report: Education Committee

May 6, 2020

At the Spring Meeting, the Education Committee approved the program for the Fall 2020 Meeting organized by Dr. Jessica Davis and Dr. Terry Morgan of OHSU in Portland, Oregon. The program will feature a Fanconi anemia symposium that will highlight the institution’s experience and will feature experts in the field. The perinatal symposium will be “New insights into the early detection of long-term health consequences of pregnancy”.

There are exciting offerings for the Spring 2021 Meeting, too, which will feature the symposium “Molecular testing for pediatric sarcomas: practical strategies and workflows in the era of personalized medicine and an updated WHO classification”, thanks to symposium directors Rita Alaggio, Matthew Himenez and Lea Surrey. Also, two new workshops will start in the Spring: “Handling the postoperative heart: a systematic approach to dissection and evaluation of autopsy and explanted heart specimens”, presented by Katte Carreon and Steven Sanders, and “Germ cell tumors in pediatric patients: a systematic overview with emphasis on differing pathogenesis and clinical implications than those in adults” presented by Florette K. Gray-Hazard, Chia-Sui Kao and Mary Davis.

The Education Committee comprises three subcommittees: Slide Survey, Workshop and Symposium Subcommittees, each an important component of SPP educational activities. The Slide Survey Program is an online activity with continued excellence and is led by Jennifer Picarsic, with Brad Siegele serving as the Chair-elect (2021). The Slide Survey Program will decrease the number of cases from six to five per release, but it will involve more of our society’s experts, who will edit cases in their respective areas of expertise and increase the value of the published cases.

The Education Committee thanks Alison Huppmann for serving as Chair of the Symposium Subcommittee until this past Spring meeting; she has been highly instrumental in ensuring high quality of our offerings for the past four years. Jiancong Liang has assumed this role for the next four years, ensuring the continued excellence of Subcommittee.

The membership’s interest in becoming involved in the Education Committee continues to be inspiring: we have a total of 39 members, of which 6 are junior.

It feels slightly strange to present plans for future meetings at a time when we do not know how the world will resume familiar activities; our SPP Education Committee, with support from the SPP leadership and staff, is committed to adapt the format if needed, and to offer continuity in education for our society members in a time when the world is navigating the COVID19 pandemic.

Sanda Alexandrescu, Chair
Education Committee


About the Author

Sanda Alexandrescu, MD

Chair, Education Committee
Boston Children's Hospital
Boston, MA

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Sanda Alexandrescu, MD

Chair, Education Committee
Boston Children's Hospital
Boston, MA

Committee Report: Education Committee