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October 22-25, 2020
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Dr. David Parham, Editor-in-Chief
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Pediatric Pathology Around the World

August 30, 2020

Meeting Updates

SLAPPE: Currently no decision made as to status of next meeting.  Will coordinate with SLAP (Email from Edna Margarita Quintero, Secretaria).

IPPA: No definite plans for Course; may be postponed until next year (Email from Miguel Reyes Mugica, President).

ANZPPG: No meetings listed on website (http://www.anzppg.org).

PPS: Annual meeting to be held at Sheffield and has been postponed until December 10-12, 2020 (per website https://www.paedpath.org/meeting/view_meeting.php?recordID=66).  Contact Marta Cohen, organizer, for details.

Other meetings: see https://www.pathpedia.com/Meetings/.


Other news

For the first time ever, the WHO will be publishing a volume on the Classification of Paediatric Tumours, which is now being actively prepared.  The volume will be written by people recognized by our community as Pediatric Pathologists.  In my role of President of IPPA, and with Rita Alaggio’s support, we were able to work with Dr. Ian Cree, Editor-in-Chief of the WHO series on Classification of Tumors, who appointed as Expert Editors 5 people whose trajectory is well recognized by our community.  These include: Rita Alaggio, Ashley Hill, Jason Jarzembowski, Dolores López-Terrada, and Miguel Reyes-Múgica.

We have succeeded in recruiting a relatively large number of authors/coauthors from the Pediatric Pathology community for the different sections of the book. In addition, a number of neuropathologists who have worked on the SNC tumors volume, and some pediatric oncologists have also joined as Expert Editors.  It is our intent that all topics will be largely written in large part by true Pediatric Pathologists.

This is an exciting project that should bring visibility and recognition to our specialty, and it allows us opportunities to provide a developmental angle whenever that is appropriate.

About the Author

Miguel Reyes-Mugica, MD

SPP President
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Pittsburgh, PA

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Miguel Reyes-Mugica, MD

SPP President
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Pittsburgh, PA

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